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About Us

Who we are:

Earthyan is a provider that helps clients with cross-border needs. We help the world’s elite leverage the resources of the Earth. We deal with the complexity so that you don’t have to. We are dedicated to creating an ecosystem for our clients so that they can find everything in one location.

We specialize in study abroad, tourist/study/residency visas, luxury vacations, global business consulting and medical tourism. We remove the stress from operating in a globalized world.

Services for Individuals:

Our goal is to assist our clients in discovering the finest offerings available on our planet, from top-notch healthcare to education worldwide.

We have helped clients establish western residency and pursue international opportunities; we have also helped individuals who had made their wealth in crypto-currency set up a cross-border personal tax structure.

Services for Businesses:

We have a worldwide talented workforce and offer management, technology, research, and operational solutions to global clients.

We distinguish ourselves from other consultants by recruiting global talent. Managers in the West lead teams of competent people in the East to provide cost-effective business solutions.


To help people and organizations experience a world without borders.


We provide excellent client relationships and exceed customer expectations by leveraging the latest technology and building an empowering culture. We are constantly seeking opportunities to help our clients achieve more.