Business Client Experience

Below are short summaries of projects we have experience with. 

We have experience supporting the United Nations Secretariat in an initiative to centralize administrative functions in field offices across the globe in shared service centers set up in low-cost locations.

The United Nations

We have experience working with Apollo Global Management to review their global compliance policies and coming up with recommendations to ensure that field offices are setting the standards expected by US regulators.

Apollo Global Management

We have experience working with Morgan Stanley to develop an automated expense categorization system. We developed both the Machine Learning algorithm as well as set up a human-team in a low-cost location to train the ML system and manually review receipts the system was unable to interpret.   

Morgan Stanley


We have experiencing working with General Atlantic’s New York and India teams to develop global business intelligence.

General Atlantic

We have experience working with Walmart to review and suggest improvements to reduce their global carbon footprint.




Individual Client Experience

Below is a small sample of anonymized client experiences we’ve had experience with posted with permission. 


We helped an individual who had made their wealth in crypto-currency set up a cross-border tax structure

Sporting star

We helped an elite sportsperson obtain a seat on the first ever commercial flight of the A380

Political Dynast

We helped the member of a leading political dynasty obtain private medical treatment abroad

Bollywood Actress

We helped a Bollywood actress establish Western residency and pursue international opportunities