See the World

Earthyan provides global mobility services to individuals, families, and organizations that are relocating to a new country, for work, study, or personal reasons. These services are designed to help make the process of relocation smoother and more manageable, and can include a variety of different types of support. 


Some of the specific services offered by Earthyan in the area of global mobility include:

Visa and immigration assistance:

We, at Earthyan help with preparing and submitting visa applications, ensuring that all required documents are complete and accurate, and providing guidance on immigration laws and regulations.       


Relocation support and destination services:

We provide support with all aspects of relocation, including finding a place to live, securing utilities and transportation, and more. We also assist with settling into a new country, including help with opening a bank account, enrolling in local schools, finding healthcare services, and more.                              


Compliance and regulation

We help with compliance and regulation services to support and provide guidance to individuals in order to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of the country.