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Earthyan helps the world’s elite leverage the resources of the Earth. We deal with the complexity so that you don’t have to.

The offshoot of a family office for an UHNW family, we have two decades of experience navigating the complexities and leveraging the opportunities of the globe.


We’ve dealt with complicated global situations and seek to handle the complexity so you can focus on what matters


We have a team of experts distributed across the planet that can help address a wide range of global needs


We work with the world’s elite and understand the importance of privacy with strong professional, physical, and cybersecurity controls in place

Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta is a graduate of IIT Delhi. After working with IBM for 16 years, he became a serial entrepreneur launching and exiting multiple businesses working out of Singapore, England, Korea, America, Canada, and India. He has now shifted to consulting and leads of a global team of talented professionals on projects related to finance optimization, revenue growth, and operational strategy. 

Vikram Gupta

Vikram is a serial entrepreneur who has built and exited multiple successful businesses. Seeking a break from the challenges of entrepreneurship, Vikram was aggressively recruited by Earthyan for his strategic capabilities and marketing experience across a range of industries in India, and joined as a Managing Director. Since joining he has used his contacts in the entertainment industry to source and win projects including the Amazon Studios Citadel logistics project. He has also helped hundreds of students from elite families (including the offspring of Bollywood celebrities and elite businesspeople) plan their global mobility.

Moli Aggarwal

Moli is a leading global travel hacker who helps the world’s elite plan their global mobility journeys. He has received international acclaim in global newspapers for his ability to help source and participate in leading global luxury experiences. He leads the travel team at Earthyan, combining his expertise in travel hacking, experience in travel management, and exclusive partnerships with travel suppliers to provide an integrated and niche travel experience for clients.

His favorite quote for clients is, we get you home. Every. Single. Time. From flight delays to natural disasters, he gets everyone home.

Outside of his work at Earthyan, you can find him writing, speaking or mentoring the next generation of travel hackers. His writing has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. He has delivered speeches across North America to a diverse range of backgrounds, including experienced travel hackers, corporate clients and frequent flyers.

Priya Pandey

Priya specializes in working with individual clients on their global logistical needs. She is the firm’s foremost expert in dealing with “special cases” where clients have had their plans frustrated due to past visa rejections or financial problems. Commanding an extraordinary success rate, she is the first person that many of Earthyan’s clients contact whenever there is trouble.

In addition to individual clients Priya also works with corporate clients and is currently supporting a Canadian food and beverage company expand its operations.

Soni Pandey

Soni has extensive experience working with clients across South Asia including Nepal and India. She has helped an Indian software firm acquire corporate clients in the United States, and is currently supporting a Singapore-based technology firm expand its footprint in South Asia through strategic brand awareness initiatives.