1. Prepare

We work with key stakeholders to help define and document objectives and scope of analysis, as well as how the information will be collected and stored, with consensus on a clear timeline. 

2. Gather Data

We gather the underlying data that the analysis will anchor around – be it qualitative or quantitative. Typical inputs include:

  • Where the process is performed
  • Key inputs, resources and tools
  • Key users
  • Timing
  • Financial and operational impacts
  • Regulatory, legal, and compliance considerations
  • Historical knowledge

3. Analyze

Which processes are critical to functioning? What human and technology resources does each process need to operate successfully? What is the recovery timeline in case of disaster? Which processes should be depreciated?

4. Report

We prepare a business impact analysis report to present to senior management and other concerned stakeholders. This can be used to communicate with teams and build consensus around key change operations. 

5. Implement

We’ll help create and activate change management plans to prepare for cutover to a more agile and efficient management unit.