At Earthyan, we create a comprehensive and seamless experience for individuals seeking medical treatment abroad. The goal is to provide end-to-end support that covers all aspects of the medical tourism journey, from travel arrangements and medical consultations to local support and follow-up care.

By providing personalized and compassionate care, Earthyan aims to help individuals access high-quality medical treatment abroad, while also reducing the stress and uncertainty often associated with medical tourism. Earthyan’s vision is to be the trusted partner for individuals seeking medical treatment abroad, providing them with the confidence and peace of mind they need to make the best possible health decisions for themselves and their loved ones.



Pre-treatment Services 


Medical Evaluations:

We provide virtual or in-person consultations with medical specialists to help individuals understand their health conditions and the treatments available to them.


Treatment Planning:

We help individuals plan their medical treatment, including scheduling appointments and coordinating with medical providers.


Travel Arrangements:

We assist with travel arrangements, including booking flights, accommodations, and other travel-related needs.


Documentation Preparation:

We help individuals prepare the necessary medical and travel documents for their trip.


Medical Insurance:

We provide information on medical insurance options and helps individuals secure the coverage they need for their medical treatment.

POSt-treatment Services


Follow-up Care:

We help arrange follow-up care with their medical providers after they return home, ensuring that their recovery is on track.


Rehabilitation and Therapy:

We help connect individuals with rehabilitation and therapy services to help them recover from their medical treatment.


Monitoring and Support:

We monitor patients’ recovery and provide support to help them manage any post-treatment complications or issues.


Medication and Supplies:

We help individuals secure the medication and supplies they need for their recovery.


Travel Assistance:

We assist with travel arrangements for individuals who need to return for follow-up treatment or check-ups.