While it is the case that the SDS (Student Direct Stream) advertises a quicker processing time, look beneath the surface and the processing times aren’t actually all that different.

Because while the SDS is processed more quickly, it requires a lot more effort to be done before the applicant can hit submit. Candidates must:

  • Take the IELTS
  • Purchase a GIC
  • Pre-pay one year of tuition
  • Obtain transcripts
  • Depending on their country, take an upfront medical exam

Meanwhile those who opt for the regular (non-SDS) stream don’t have to do any of this. They can just hit “submit”. So while the SDS is processed quicker, the difference is a little deceptive.

Irrespective of which stream you pick, a good Cover Letter, Education Strategy, Financial Support Letter, and comprehensive Financial Documentation are key to submitting an application that will be approved. 

Check out our video for more details, or reach out to one of our strategists.