Here are the ways Earthyan can help you with the Canadian Study Permit Application

The process of obtaining a study permit to Canada is complicated. Acronyms like SDS, GIC, and CAQ add confusion to the entire process. The Canadian immigration agency – IRCC – has unfortunately been rejecting a lot of talented candidates. Here are the different ways that we can support you on your Canadian study permit journey to ensure that your application is quickly accepted and that you can head to Canada. 

Study Permit Personal Consultant

Earthyan can provide a dedicated strategist to work with you on your study permit application anywhere in the world. They’ll answer your questions, take care of the administrative detail, be available for online video conferences and generally work with you 1 on 1 to help you get your application approved.

Study Permit Self-Taught Video Guide

We’ve created a video guide that has all the information you need to get your Canadian study permit approved. Watch it at your own leisure and get your questions answered.

Study Permit GIC Exchange Rate Calculator

Different banks offer different exchange rates for the GIC. The exchange rates offered can very by day, currency, and branch location. We track the differences and provide you a report that helps you decide where to open your GIC to get the best exchange rate and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

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