A Personal Concierge

Earthyan will provide a personalized concierge to help you with the study permit application. This consultant won’t just give you the information you need but will also help write things like the cover letter, prepare the online application, and help organize and arrange the documents. We’re here to prevent you from wasting time on administrative items and to focus on things in life that matter.

Your concierge has access to a wider team of experts that they can use to ensure you have the information you need.


All-Inclusive Support


Your Earthyan Canadian study permit consultant, or Concierge, will guide you through the study permit process. This individual will be your single point of contact throughout. The Concierge will liaise with a wider team of  immigration lawyers, former visa officers, and other experts to ensure you have all the information you need.

Your Concierge can help you draft documents such as the Cover Letter (“SOP”), as well as two documents that most candidates forget to include: An Education Strategy and a Financial Support Letter.


In addition to providing you with the information you need your Concierge will also provide administrative support. They’ll help organize and label your documents based on the guidance we’ve received from former study permit officials who have explained to us the factors that lead to a quick processing time and a positive decision on your application.

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Detailed Visuals

We create in depth visualizations that help you make key decisions.

For example we’ll help map out the branches of key banks so you can open a GIC account at a location that will be most convenient to you.

Admin Support

We’ll help schedule the Medical Exam on your behalf – and have relationships in place to get priority slots. We’ll also schedule your IELTS and take care of the application paperwork.

Status Dashboards

We’ll provide live status dashboards that you can use to track your progress.

Exchange Rate Analytics

The Concierge has access to analytics on the banks that offer the best exchange rates so that you can save hundreds of dollars before even stepping foot in Canada.



Wait days not weeks

It’s possible to get your study permit in just a couple weeks…even if you don’t apply through the SDS stream. Ultimately visa officers just want someone who makes their lives easier. Our Concierge will help you speed through the process.



Earthyan Study Permit Personal Consultant


  • One-time payment for all-inclusive support
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 consultations via videoconference to ensure your questions are answered
  • Document drafting and editing assistance
  • Administrative support



Reach out to us at Concierge@Earthyan.com to begin the process.

You can also call our contact centers

USA: +1 505 908 9197

Canada: +1 778 714 1301

India (WhatsApp available): +91 88822 38349

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Our contact centers:

USA: +1 505 908 9197

Canada: +1 778 714 1301

India (WhatsApp available): +91 88822 38349