Optimize GIC Rates

Save hundreds of dollars before stepping foot in Canada

Those who apply for a study permit through the SDS process are required to get a GIC or “Government Investment Certificate”. Those who don’t opt for the SDS process often still decided to get a GIC to strengthen their application

The GIC requires the individual to transfer funds from an international bank account to a Canadian bank account. The exchange rate charged varies by bank. We can help you find the best one.

Optimum Exchange Rates

Our team monitors the exchange rates offered by the top banks and tracks how they change by city, currency, day, and time. Selecting a bank that offers you the best rate can save you hundreds of dollars.

We’ll send you a report that shows how exchange rates have varied for your currency and the city you’re going to, and give you recommendations about the bank most likely to offer you the best one.

Exchange Rate Report


(24 hour report delivery)

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