Everhthing you need to know to put together a successful study permit application

Our video on Udemy provides a comprehensive overview of IRCC’s study permit process with tips on how to get your application approved in just a few days.

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How does IRCC actually think about SDS versus non-SDS?

Our team includes former immigration officers who reveal the secrets behind what goes on in an immigration officer’s head when they see an SDS application – and why it’s not as great as people think it is.


What do I need to include in the cover letter?

Here’s a secret: a cover letter (SOP) isn’t enough to get a study permit! To maximize your chances of success you need a cover letter…AND an education strategy…AND financial support letters! We go deep into all of these documents and more.


Get your study permit in just two weeks

Those who follow our guide have found success in obtaining their study permits in just a couple weeks…even if they apply through the regular (non SDS) stream! Ultimately the visa officers just want someone to make their life easier for them. We show you how.

Over an hour of content

To go into the details you need to know to put together a successful study permit application. Key details about the GIC, the IELTS exam, and the secret interview that takes place AFTER you’ve already been approved.


Best in the Industry

We have over 25 years of experience helping clients navigate tricky situations. This video is the culmination of dozens of experts including immigration lawyers, politicians, former IRCC administrators, and more!



When my study permit was rejected I thought my life was over. Earthyan helped me understand why I had been rejected and gave me what I needed to re-apply and be successful.

Happy Customer

Video Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Disclaimer
    • Welcome
    • Who This Recording Is For
  2. Guiding Principles
    • Be Honest
    • Help Them Help You
    • Respect The Process
    • Unsure? Ask!
  3. The Two Streams
    • Success Rate
    • Processing Time
    • Proof Of Funds
    • Financial Documentation
    • Academic Documentation And Language Test
    • Medical
    • Summary And Myths About The Differences
    • How To Make Sure Your Application Is Being Considered For The SDS
  4. Recommended Documents
    • Cover Letter
    • Education Strategy
    • Financial Support Letter
  5. Application Forms
    • The Three Forms
    • IMM1294
    • IMM5645
    • IMM5757
  6. Other Requirements
    • Studying In Quebec
  7. Common Points of Confusion
    • Accessing Immigration Forms
    • Online Versus Paper Applications
    • Signing Online Documents
    • Is Work An Essential Component
    • Your Study Permit Is Tied To Your Institution
  8. Mechanics of the Process
    • When To Start
    • Getting Started
    • Passport Validity
    • Biometrics
    • Translations
    • After Your Application
  9. Mythbusting
    • Waiting For Grades
    • IELTS Exam
    • Family Members
  10. Common Refusal Reasons
  11. About the Recording

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