Earthyan anchors student visa applications across three dimensions


Four Guiding Principles

Be Honest: At Earthyan, we believe that when applying for a student visa it is important to be honest to the officials and tell them the truth about your candidacy.  

Help Them Help You: The visa application review is conducted by a human who is often exhausted and overwhelmed. By labeling all your documents and providing them with extensive details, help them make it easy to approve your visa.

Respect the Process: At times, the visa officials are dealing with a backlog of applicants. The officials appreciate if the applicant respects the process. 

Unsure about something? Ask!: If the applicants are unsure about a certain thing during the process, ask rather than assume. 

Support with Visa Cover Letters:

At Earthyan, we provide our clients support with the cover letters and essays that are to be submitted as a part of the visa application process.

We help write the Education Strategy that explains the reason for choosing the course and the university the applicant has been admitted to. Through the Education strategy we also help explain how the course the client has been admitted to will help them in their future endeavors. 

We focus on important topics like the ties to one’s home country, the reason for choosing the specific country for their higher education and their intentions after the completion of the course. 

Where appropriate, we also help draft financial support letters for our clients on behalf of the sponsor and extensively elaborate on their financial aid and how they are funding their tuition and additional expenses. 


 An individual dedicated Strategist will work with you to support you in obtaining a student visa.

The Strategist will be broadly available via email, instant messaging, and video conferences, and will be prompt in scheduling check in calls as required. The Strategist will help prepare, collate, and organize all necessary documentation. They will help schedule visa appointments and any other administrative scheduling. The Strategist will provide unlimited support to the applicants and assist with relevant ad-hoc requests up until formal visa approval. You’ll get to know your Strategist on a first name basis and build a relationship with them.

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