Transforming Your Travel Experience

Walk through a journey to transform your travel experience from the cramped spaces in Economy Class and staying at the Ramada Inn to traveling in opulence that is exclusively for the top 1%.

Why bother reading this?

You likely have stumbled across this blog with a simple goal; how do you transform your travel experience from the cramped spaces in Economy Class and staying at the Ramada Inn to traveling on Business or First Class in the world’s finest airlines and staying in hotels that make immigration officers question your source of income.

Yes, that’s right, the number of times I’ve given an elevator pitch to an immigration officer is incredible. Their first question is, how do you afford all this?

Earthyan has a team of dedicated travel experts who work with you to understand what steps we can do to transform your travel experiences. It could be identifying significant discounts with Business Class travel, leveraging credit card rewards effectively for free flights, or upgrades to rooms beyond our wildest imagination. But when we suggest what is possible, many people will stop reading right here, this is a click-bait article, potentially a scam, and it is not possible. However, there might be an opportunity to listen to our travel expert to learn how they have transformed travel experiences of real people on real vacations.

Why bother even trusting me with your journey?

Malaysian Airlines Regional Business Class Lounge


St Regis 2 Bedroom Overwater Villa Maldives Bedroom 1

3,000,000 Miles and Counting

We have helped our customers travel in excess of 3,000,000 miles, exclusively in Business or First Class, or staying at the finest resorts in the world.

Some of our travel experiences that we have supported: 

  1. Flying Etihad Studio (Business Class) and Air Canada Business Class from Vancouver to Maldives and spending 6 nights in Maldives and 4 nights in Dubai. Our customer spent $0 for the hotel. The price just for the hotel would have been about US$30,000. 
  2. Flying a double bed on Singapore Airlines Suites between Delhi and Singapore for US$55 for 2 people. That’s right, when was the last time you paid less than $100, in any currency, for a First Class flight on the worlds finest airline?
  3. Booking flights intelligently to consistently achieve a 50-75% discount off flights on Vistara Domestic Business Class and Air India international business class.

Our senior credit card expert has flown nearly 1,000,000 miles in the last 12 years, and they can count in one hand how many times they found themselves in Economy Class

Pictured: St Regis Maldives Master Bedroom in a 2 Bedroom Overwater Villa. Total Cost: $0.

Air Canada Signature Suite 1

Tip: When flying in Business Class always bring a change of clothes for a more relaxing experience

Flying can be an experience

A lot of people ask me as I return from my travels, are you tired? And the answer is, when I’m sleeping across the Pacific Ocean, traversing the world like I’m taking a bus, tiredness is not often something I associate with international travel.

From privately catered meals (as an Indian, a Bhature Choley is a breakfast must anywhere my travels take me), to menus designed by the finest chefs of the world, and seats that convert to double beds, it’s a pleasure to say, that not only is the destination important, but also the journey to the destination.


Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge, Singapore

Programs Change. People Change.

The harsh reality is, programs are constantly evolving. The important aspect of all this is to be dynamic in your pursuit and to pivot as programs change.

The best time to start this journey was yesterday. The second best time is today. The worst time is tomorrow.

That’s a reality that will always be true, regardless of when you start your journey.

We recall selling US$500 return flight on Singapore Airlines Suites from Delhi to Singapore. Suites Class for those of you who do not know, is a class beyond First. We cannot offer that anymore, but we also can offer a Vancouver to Maldives in Business Class on Etihad for about C$450 round trip, that was not possible 10 years ago.

Which experience is better is subjective, but opportunities always exist. It’s a matter of where to look.


Our travel experts are your best source of guidance to determine the best way to travel between Canada and India.  

Trip from Canada 

We charge a C$30 non-refundable consultation fee for asking Earthyan to support you during your travels. We guarantee the lowest publicly available pricing, and if you find a price lower than our quote for the exact same flights, we will refund you our service fee!   

Trip from India 

We charge a non-refundable INR2,500 service fee per person. Many travel agents hide this fee in their ticket costs, instead, we have opted to provide a complete breakdown of these fees to ensure complete price transparency. 

Why do we charge these fees? 

It’s quite simple, air fare for the most part is uncommissioned. If your travel booking involves commissions, for example, through hotels, cruises or vacation packages, our service fee does not apply to you! 

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